Elizabeth Anne Martins is a writer specializing in middle grade fiction. Her queried titles are THE DUST BUNNIES and YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. Her published book is REASONS TO SMILE (Schiffer Publishing, 2016).

About THE DUST BUNNIES (Historical Fiction, Middle Grade)

In the dust-coated land of Lane County, Kansas in 1935, Lyla Bean has no one she can talk to. And she would really like to confide in someone about how much she misses her Mama. Pa is always busy setting traps for the pesky jackrabbits that keep invading their farm, her brother Jojo is either picking on her or perfecting his batting average, and school is a place where Lyla knows she’ll encounter her terrifying bully Carver.

When an orphaned baby jackrabbit named Dill arrives on her farm, Lyla finds the courage she needs to change her world for the better. Everyone is talking about migrating west to California, and Lyla begins to imagine this as the cure to her sadness.

But when Lyla finally gets her way, she ends up losing Dill and is put to the ultimate test of hope. With Dill on his own, he too must learn his own lessons on bravery and survival. Lyla and Dill soon find themselves caught up in the battle of the elements, as they learn about friendship and the miraculous power of hope. Will either of them make it to California, and will they ever see each again?

The Dust Bunnies is 101 Dalmatians meeting Grapes of Wrath, a migration story rooted in history and steeped in adventure and heart!


About YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL (Contemporary, Middle Grade)

Unity loves acting, television, and everything that comes along with the world of make-believe. Sometimes, her older sister Sabrina has to bring her back to reality. For example, Unity doesn’t always see that their parents fight and argue about money. Unity is happy with her world of imagination and being under the wing of Sabrina. The fact that Unity has Down syndrome doesn’t really phase her either. Sure, there are times when she feels invisible, and it’s hard when people can’t understand her. But for the most part, life is fine.

Then, Sabrina vanishes and doesn’t leave a clue to her whereabouts. Unity’s parents keep the mystery of Sabrina’s departure secret too. To make matters worse, Unity is about to start middle school. When Unity arrives at school, she becomes overwhelmingly aware of her differences. But a kind-hearted theater director introduces her to a world she never knew she needed, a world that might just save her and bring Sabrina home.

This story blends heart and humor to create a first-person narrated story of friendship, family, sisterhood, hope, self-identity, and confidence.


About BO AND BAILEY (Magical Realism, Young Adult)

Bo is an orphan with some unusual gifts. For example, it’s not every day you meet a kid with a green glowing eye that gets brighter when he feels powerful emotions. Sister Slade locks him away in the orphanage’s fourth-floor attic where his only friend is a stuffed octopus. It’s where he spends day and night drawing beautiful murals on the wall. Bailey Winks is a thief from a poor mining town where babies are born with peculiar abnormalities due to toxic dumping. She’s desperate for money—the key to a better life. When she is deposited at an orphanage by her aunt, she becomes enthralled in the boy on the fourth floor. Through a series of secret nightly writing lessons through the door’s crack, Bo and Baily develop a deep friendship that sparks the idea to escape together.

Bo and Bailey is currently available to read on Swoon Reads


About BUTTERFLY ISLAND (Fantasy, Series, Middle Grade)

Clover is constantly daydreaming at school; mostly, she fantasizes about flying. Her teacher Mr. Argos is always telling her to snap out of it. He’s pretty hard on her actually. She assumes it’s because she’s an oddball—nerdy, quiet, lanky, awkward. For a girl who decorates her locker with flowers and bugs and can’t walk without tripping over her own two feet, she sticks out like a sore thumb in her ultra athletic middle school.

On the day of track tryouts, Clover hears a mysterious voice telling her to fly while she’s rounding the track. The voice turns out to be a talking dragonfly! What’s even weirder is she sees a boy with green wings waving to her from the bleachers. Thinking she’s losing her mind, she runs home to tell her aunt. There, the green-winged boy is waiting and reveals himself as Aster Daylily. He’s an Insecta—half human and half butterfly, and oh yeah, he’s her brother. It takes a lot of convincing before Clover accepts that she too is an Insecta, has wings that must emerge from within, and can fly high as the clouds. All that flying daydreaming has paid off! But something is wrong—the Insectas are in peril and it’s up to Clover to save them.

Clover’s journey leads her to Butterfly Island, her home. A spell has erased her memories of who she is and the legacy of magic the island holds. In order to save the Insectas, Clover must not only face her darkest enemy, but also discover the unique mystery of her own identity and past.

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Reasons to Smile: Celebrating People with Down Syndrome is an anthology of short stories by and about people with Down syndrome.

About Reasons to Smile

This compilation of 56 encouraging and eye-opening short writings by a variety of authors across the globe celebrates the lives of people living with Down syndrome. Together with 56 inspiring “slice of life” photos, these candid true stories, including the renowned “Welcome to Holland,” provide inspiration and connection. Parents and families of children living with Down syndrome will discover a wealth of positivity and valuable guidance. Special education teachers, social workers, mental health professionals, and policy makers will find helpful information and insight from stories regarding behavioral health. And anyone who is looking to learn more about Down syndrome will discover a world full of possibilities they never knew existed.

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