Elizabeth has always enjoyed writing stories. Growing up in Philadelphia, she wrote often, mainly journaling absurd observations in her neighborhood or scribbling love notes that never got delivered. As a teenager, she worked for her high school literary magazine. While studying journalism at Temple University, Elizabeth’s love of words led her to write for the Temple News and soon she started writing and illustrating a weekly feature. And before long she knew she found what she wanted to do in life.

After graduating from Temple University, she enrolled in Rosemont College’s graduate program where she studied English and Publishing. While in graduate school, she fell more in love with reading and writing. Soon afterwards, she began working with publishing companies in the areas of marketing, acquisitions, editing, and writing.

She helped launched the Ninja Kitties book series in June 2022. In October 2022, her book Reasons to Smile: Celebrating People with Down Syndrome Around the World will be available. She contributed to and co-edited this book with her mother. She desired to create this book to bring awareness, inspiration, and education to people living with Down syndrome, people just like her younger sister.

Elizabeth lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She currently works in book publishing. In her spare time, she composes and records music.