Hello! I am Elizabeth Anne Martins. I call myself a writer and musician because those are two things that bring me joy. I live in Philadelphia and I work in publishing.

Some things I am proud of include: co-editing a book called Reasons to Smile: Celebrating People with Down syndrome and being the series editor of the Ninja Kitties book series (coming 2022 from Happy Fox Books). I also made a tiny human in 2017.

Rose & Riot on Kindle Vella

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Eden Arrow moves to Philadelphia in 1985 with a whole summer ahead of her and a wild curiosity about graffiti. She has one order from her councilman father: stay away from graffiti artists. But when Eden meets Luca Everhart, leader of the graffiti artists, she falls in deep. Should she stand up for him or follow the path her parents set out for her? There’s also a third option: she could become a graffiti artist herself.

Posts of Interest

Me & Devil Boy—a Magical Realism Story Re-visited

September 2020

Our home in West Philadelphia was tiny, had a Victorian façade, and was cozy as a bird’s nest. It’s where I wrote ME & DEVIL BOY—a love story about a thief girl with a warm heart and a magical boy who doesn’t speak. And then, I tucked the story away for six years.

“October” — A Spooky Composition

September 2020

I wrote this song after listening to Danny Elfman over and over again. This is what fall feels like to me.