Elizabeth Anne Martins is a writer, musician, and craftswoman. She is the co-editor of Reasons to Smile: Celebrating People with Down syndrome, currently being updated for a second edition.

Elizabeth is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a public relations manager for a craft book publisher. Books currently available for agent review include three young adult manuscripts: PEACE OF MY HEART, CORINDA, and ROSE & RIOT;
a chapter book series called DIY BUTTERFLY CLUB; and an adult literary fiction novel called DRY LANDS.

Posts of Interest

Me & Devil Boy—a Magical Realism Story Re-visited

September 2020

Our home in West Philadelphia was tiny, had a Victorian façade, and was cozy as a bird’s nest. It’s where I wrote ME & DEVIL BOY—a love story about a thief girl with a warm heart and a magical boy who doesn’t speak. And then, I tucked the story away for six years.

“October” — A Spooky Composition

September 2020

I wrote this song after listening to Danny Elfman over and over again. I come back to this song in the fall and remember what it feels like to be re-born with your own magic.