Elizabeth Anne Martins is a writer and music composer. Her queried title is called The Dust Bunnies.

About The Dust Bunnies

In the dust-coated land of Lane County, Kansas in 1935, Lyla Bean has no one she can talk to. And she would really like to confide in someone about how much she misses her Mama. Pa is always too busy setting traps for the pesky jackrabbits that keep invading their farm, her brother Jojo is either picking on her or perfecting his batting average, and school is a place where Lyla knows she’ll encounter her terrifying bully Carver. But when an orphaned baby jackrabbit named Dill arrives on her farm, Lyla finds the courage she needs to change her world for the better. Everyone is talking about migrating west to California, and Lyla begins to imagine this as the cure to her sadness. But when Lyla finally gets her way, she ends up losing Dill and is put to the ultimate test of hope. With Dill on his own, he too must learn his own lessons on bravery and survival. Lyla and Dill soon find themselves caught up in the battle of the elements, as they learn about friendship and the miraculous power of hope. Will either of them make it to California, and will they ever see each again?

Represented by Jessica Schmeidler of Golden Wheat Literary