Middle Grade Books for Back-to-School

Happy back-to-school! I miss the days of shopping for school supplies. Notebooks, folders, pencils, and oh man, books! One thing I always looked forward to about starting a new school year was the Scholastic Book Fair. Thinking back to when I could freely roam the shelves, circle books I wanted in the catalog, and openContinue reading “Middle Grade Books for Back-to-School”

Daughter of Holocaust Survivors Shares Their Incredible Story of Survival

During Trump’s travel ban, many compared the situation to the 1939 St. Louis liner, a ship carrying 900 German Jewish refugees who were denied entrance into America and were then returned to their eventual deaths. And today’s challenges, with more than 65 million displaced people worldwide, raises strained historical echoes of World War II andContinue reading “Daughter of Holocaust Survivors Shares Their Incredible Story of Survival”

Interview with Storybook Artist Emma Levey

I had the pleasure to interview storybook artist Emma Levey! To celebrate the release of her newest book Hattie Peck: The Journey Home, she talks here about her creative inspiration and advice for other aspiring artists. This book introduces readers to Hattie and her diverse brood. Since she cannot lay eggs herself, she fosters abandonedContinue reading “Interview with Storybook Artist Emma Levey”

The Silver Linings of a Trump Presidency

As someone who writes fiction, I consistently find myself writing on the theme of hope. Yet, lately I’ve been feeling hopeless. The election of Trump felt like a blow to the gut for many, including me. I believe it was especially hurtful for individuals who were excited to continue moving mountains in terms of racialContinue reading “The Silver Linings of a Trump Presidency”

What Was it Like Being a Kid During the Dust Bowl?

While writing The Dust Bunnies, I tried to put myself in the shoes of a child during the Dust Bowl. What interests and hobbies would I have had? And would I still have them despite devastating climate conditions, poverty, and hunger? What would I think about my family? Would I love them? Resent them? IContinue reading “What Was it Like Being a Kid During the Dust Bowl?”

8 Favorite Middle Grade Books Set in the 1930s

I am a sucker for historic fiction. The 1930s especially holds a special place in my heart. I don’t know if it’s because it was a time of great change, with music and arts booming, women making amazing strides, or cheeky slang to boot: it just blows my wig! When I was doing research forContinue reading “8 Favorite Middle Grade Books Set in the 1930s”

Inspiration for The Dust Bunnies

Growing up with a mother who was an animal lover and a father who thought the only proper place for an animal was inside his stomach, has created some interesting memories in my life as a child. It’s taught me how to love, but also how to say goodbye. I was the most ecstatic andContinue reading “Inspiration for The Dust Bunnies”